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It's amazing to think that a lot of tyre suppliers don't stock a large number of 4x4 tyres. However, Strathclyde Tyres have a huge range of 4x4 tyres available six days a week including Saturdays. No matter where you are in central Scotland, we can fit your new 4x4 tyres at your home or at one of our independent garages. We also have a broad selection of winter tyres available in Scotland. For more information, call one of our branches today.

Your 4x4 tyres can have a longer life expectancy and ensure a safer ride if maintained properly. Regular maintenance of your 4x4 tyres can save you a lot of time and expense. Ensure you check and correct the tyre pressures regularly and maintain the wheel balance and tracking of your vehicle; this goes a long way to getting maximum performance and longevity from your tyres.

The right selection of tyres will help you optimize fuel economy and give you better control by enabling you to stop and drive your vehicle safely as well as smoothly while on the road. The four tyres actually divide and balance the whole load of the vehicle. Therefore it does make sense to spare some time in choosing the right tyres.

If you are in need of buying a new 4x4 tyres, there are several important points worth considering.

What are the Right 4x4 Tyres for My Vehicle?

The first step is to check the manufacture’s guideline and learn about the exact size and type of tyres needed for your vehicle. You can also find important information related to your vehicle’s tyres imprinted on the sidewall of the existing tyres.

It is always recommended to replace and buy tyres in a complete set, as the suspension system of your vehicle can work with highest efficiency with the matching set of tyres.

The Dimensions of Your Tyre

Check the universal and standard size markings imprinted on the side walls of your tyres in a similar form to 235/75-15 (109) H. Here “235” represents the width of the tyre in mm, “75” is the profile of the tyre, “R” stands for radial tyre, “15” indicates the wheel diameter in inches, and “109” is the load index of the tyre at “H” which indicates the speed rating.

What about Off-Road Driving?

The manufacturer of your vehicle has worked closely with the tyre manufacturers to ensure the best level of performance and comfort is achieved to appeal to the demands of the average motorist.

The average motorist spends most of their time on the road, so the tyres fitted to a vehicle at the factory are intended to provide a limited amount of off-road ability, with the main functions being stability at speed, good steering response and low noise on the road. Some “off-road” tyres can perform very well on the road but they are by nature slightly noisier and the ride can be less comfortable. This varies according to the specific tyre makes and the research & technology used in the tread design.

Therefore these perfectly good road tyres might not be the ideal product for those motorists who have more tailored needs. This includes owners of ultra-high performance vehicles who need the highest levels of grip possible or 4x4 owners that need or want to venture off road.
Whether you are venturing off road to enjoy leisurely drives across green lanes or scrambling across rough terrain for work or sport, correct tyre selection becomes a priority and a whole host of new requirements need to be considered. Remember that road surfaces are tarmac. Off-road surfaces can be hugely different, from muddy terrain, woodland bogs to sandy beaches.

Highway Terrain Tyres

Highway Terrain tyres are designed to offer the best in road travel conditions with good ride comfort, low noise, road speed durability and road handling. Many brand new 4WDs, and especially the compact 4WDs, are fitted standard with these tyres. Regular four wheel drivers often replace the original HT tyres with more specific off-road capability but in doing so you may compromise some road handling performance.

Mud Terrain Tyres

Mud-Terrain tyres are mainly for climbing, sport and competition, 80% off-road, 20% road. These are for vehicles that will be doing a lot of off-road driving and are designed for maximum grip in extreme conditions.

All-Terrain Tyres

The all-terrain tyre is intended to provide a good compromise between off-road performance and on-road performance. Since manufacturers are aware that the majority 4x4 and SUVs vehicles will rarely travel off-road, the standard tyres tend to be geared towards road use. They will offer good traction and low noise levels.

Make Sure You Get It Right

Selecting the wrong sized tyre with an unsuitable tread design can spell danger as well as being costly on your wallet and will reduce tyre performance. For example, fitting a mud terrain tyre to your vehicle will give excellent levels of grip in extreme off road conditions, but will cause a massive increase in braking distances and reduce steering responsiveness.

It is not always possible to fit the most appropriate tyre for your needs by using the original tyre size fitted to the vehicle. There are certain proven conversions for 4x4 vehicles that our experienced technicians can advise you on. We can also source your chosen tyre and arrange fitting through one of our local centres.

It is strongly recommended that tyres on 4x4 vehicles are used in identical sets of 4, (same size, make, pattern, load index/speed symbol). The vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations should also be followed.

Shop the Right Tyre Brand

Buying tyres from a reputed tyre dealer and popular brand will ensure longer life and smoother drive, meaning best value for money. There are lots of brands and budgets available to suit your pocket, so contact us at Strathclyde Tyres for advice and prices.

We stock 4x4 tyres from the leading manufacturers for all major models including:

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