Environmental Tyres

Environmentally friendly tyres across central Scotland

Strathclyde Tyres are fully committed to the very latest environmental initiatives and green policies. All our tyres are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner as all our SEPA certificates confirm.

The way you drive your car will affect how much fuel you use and the amount of emissions your car produces. Here are some tips so that you can also be environmentally friendly:


  • Check tyre pressures regularly - under inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption up to 3%. Call in now and we'll check your pressure for you - free of charge.
  • Stick to the speed limits - at 70mph you should be using 30% more fuel than at 50mph.
  • Air conditioning and other on-board electrical devices increase fuel consumption - so only use when necessary.
  • In wintery conditions, it is best to use winter tyres which can provide an increased tyre life in winter.
  • Switch off your engine when you know you won't be moving for a while.


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