Tyre Labelling

Tyre labelling - compulsory in Scotland

As of 2012, EU tyre labelling became compulsory.

This means that you can enjoy a standardised view of fuel efficiency, wet grip performance and external rolling noise.

At Strathclyde Tyres, we believe this helps you make an informed decision about the tyres you choose for your car.

On top of that, our helpful staff are able to help you with the best advice available - meaning you will get the tyre perfect for your car.

The new tyre label will apply to:

  • Car and SUVs
  • Van tyres
  • Truck tyres

The new tyre label will not apply to:

  • Non road-legal tyres
  • Re tread tyres
  • Spare tyres
  • Vintage car tyres
  • Who's responsible for what?

Tyre manufacturers

Every tyre manufactured must display the new EU tyre label in the form of a sticker. They must also provide you with the Tyre Label values in lots of different communication formats.

Strathclyde Tyres

We must provide you with the Tyre Label values on or with the tyre invoice. The tyre label itself must be clearly visible or actively shown to you

Car manufacturers:

If you buy a new car, the Tyre Label values must be made available at the point of initial purchase of the car.

So, what do the images mean?

Fuel efficiency is important to help you reduce both CO2 emissions and the cost of driving. The higher up the scale the tyre is, the less fuel you car will need to drive.

The grip your tyres have in wet weather is extremely important and a critical safety feature. The diagram is displayed in terms of stopping distances.

Quite simple this one, this is the external noise made by your tyres and is measured in decibels. The more black bars on the label, the louder your tyres.

Tyre Labelling at Strathclyde Tyres

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