German tyre manufacturer Continental is the fourth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Continental offer world-class tyres, renowned for their quality, precision and control.

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Continental are a global operation, manufacturing tyres at over 40 locations worldwide. More than half of the company’s efforts are focused on the tyre arm of its business. Continental create tyres for all types of vehicle, regardless of size, maximum speed or shape.

At the core of Continental’s brand values are safety and innovation. They have an agreement with Bridgestone, a major competitor, to research and develop run-flat tyres.

Continental partner with some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers such as Porsche and Daimler-Benz in motorsport, winning a host of speed records in various categories.

Continental are continually innovating and their tyres offer an unbeatable combination of safety, comfort and performance. We stock Continental tyres for Cars, vans and 4x4s & SUVs

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