Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment checks across central Scotland

Does it feel as though your car is pulling to one side when you drive? One trip to Strathclyde Tyres and we can perform a free wheel alignment check when you buy four tyres, to make sure you're travelling in the right direction.

Wheel alignment Glasgow Ayrshire Scotland

wheel alignment technology strathclyde tyres 2Wheel Alignment Technology can:

1. Extend Tyre Life

Incorrect wheel alignment is a major cause of tyre wear. Add a significant number of miles to your tyres life by aligning your vehicle.

2. Increase Fuel Efficiency

Correct alignment sets all 4 wheels in the optimum position and reduces rolling resistance resulting in greater fuel economy.

3. Improve Steering & Handling

Road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride. Steering wheel vibration and the pulling of the vehicle to one side are also eliminated.

Wheel alignment is a vital part of your tyre and car preventative maintenance programme. Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear and can also result in decreased fuel mileage.

Remember, our tyre checks are free when four tyres are purchased - it won't cost you anything to make sure your wheel alignment is perfect.

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